Our new brand and brand new platform

First published on 16 November 2020. Last updated on 6 December 2020: added API schema to changes.

We’re happy to announce that Feedity will soon have a new identity, and an improved platform.

In short..

  • Our product brand name will change to New Sloth.
  • From 7 December 2020, customers on our standard plans (excluding Corporate plan) can access the new website and app. Corporate plan customers must contact us to schedule a transition soon.
  • Several new features and improvements will be available, but unfortunately some existing features will be discontinued (mainly PayPal payments, Facebook feeds, SoundCloud podcast feeds, feed widget, custom domain). If you use PayPal for monthly payments, then please contact us for a switchover.
  • Your existing feeds will continue to work.
  • Your current plan and pricing will remain the same.

Please read the full list of changes and important steps further below.


For over a decade, Feedity has been a popular and reliable feed builder, making content subscription easier for knowledge workers and data integrators, as well as helping creators and publishers with distribution.

Here at HQ (our home-offices in 2020), we’ve been working hard to revamp our product, and build an integrated newsroom (news aggregator/reader) among other improvements, with feedback from some of our customers who kindly took our past surveys and joined the private beta.

Progressing ahead, we will soon be changing our product brand name to ‘New Sloth‘, and releasing a revamped platform with some fantastic new features and improvements.

The purpose of this rebranding is to better reflect our core values of knowledge and empowerment, market positioning and differentiation, and focus on active curation that’s simple and calm, specially in these times when the Web is painfully cluttered, distracting and privacy-unfriendly.

Our goal is to provide a modern, simple yet powerful software service, that generates more value for our customers.


Please read these important changes, and steps (further below), as part of our product transition from Feedity to New Sloth, that will affect your account and feeds in the coming weeks.

  • Feedity as a product will be rebranded to New Sloth. Our product name, logo, website domain name and URLs will change.
  • Our company, its team, and business operations will remain the same as before.
  • The new website for New Sloth will be located at newsloth.com.
  • The existing/old website for Feedity will remain at feedity.com until early 2021, but in a read-only archive mode.
  • Our blog and its feed URL will also change.
Account & Feeds
  • Your account will be moved from Feedity to New Sloth by our tech team on the weekend of 5-6 December 2020. If you are a Corporate plan customer, then this date window does not apply to your account, but please contact us to schedule a transition at their earliest convenience.
  • From Monday, 7 December 2020, you can login to your account on New Sloth instead of Feedity. Your account dashboard, features, and any new feeds will be served from the new application URL.
  • Your existing feeds’ URLs (on feedity.com) will continue to work via automatic redirection to the new changed URLs (on newsloth.com), so you don’t have to worry about changing the existing feeds’ URLs anywhere.
  • Our existing API (v1) methods will remain the same, but its endpoint (URL), method names, schema and your access key will change, so if you currently make use of the API or intend to use it in the near future, then please refer to the latest API reference at https://app.newsloth.com/api-reference to make suitable changes or contact us if you need any help.
New Features and Improvements
  • Feed Builder
    • Organize feeds/sources in categories
    • More sort options for list of sources
    • See the cause of broken feed
    • Export feeds as OPML or CSV file
  • Newsroom
    • Integrated news aggregator/reader
    • News search by keywords across global publications
    • Monitor web-wide mentions by keywords
    • Articles search
    • Import and export sources
  • General
    • A new User Interface (UI)
    • Upgrade of our infrastructure
    • Modern technology stack for improved performance
    • Several bug fixes and enhancements
  • PayPal billing option will be discontinued (see below for manual renewal step).
  • Facebook integration will be discontinued, and Facebook feeds will be no longer available.
  • SoundCloud integration will be discontinued, and SoundCloud podcast feeds will be no longer available. Other podcast feeds for webpages with media (non-SoundCloud) will continue to work.
  • Our feed widget (to display RSS feeds) will be discontinued next year.
  • All third-party/external RSS feeds (not generated by Feedity, but saved with our feed builder) for existing customers will not be migrated to the new platform.
  • Corporate plan custom domain feature will be discontinued next year.
  • New plans and pricing for the new product will be available on the new website.
  • Existing customers can remain on their current legacy plan and pricing if they wish to, or upgrade to any one of the new plans at a discount.


Here’s a summary of steps you may need to take:

Change descriptionEffective date
Access your account from the new website: https://newsloth.com7 December 2020
If you use our API, then please modify your client service to use the new endpoint URL, method names, schema (refer to https://app.newsloth.com/api-reference), and new access key for your account: https://app.newsloth.com/profile/#developers7 December 2020
If you use PayPal to pay for your monthly subscription, then contact us immediately for a change to credit/debit card payments.

If you used PayPal to pay for your annual plan, then please renew manually using a credit/debit card around your account’s next renewal date.
7 December 2020
If you created feeds for Facebook, then please know that they’ll be deactivated due to our discontinuation of the Facebook integration.

Please revoke your Facebook integration from your account at https://feedity.com/my-profile.aspx before the effective date.
7 December 2020
If you created podcast feeds for SoundCloud, then please know that SoundCloud podcast feeds through our service will be deactivated due to our discontinuation of the SoundCloud integration.

You can now use SoundCloud’s own official podcast feeds in Apple iTunes Connect etc.
15 January 2021
If you use our feed widget to display RSS feeds on a website, then please know that this feature will be discontinued.

You can use an alternative widget service like FeedWind or FeedGrabbr.
1 February 2021
If you are a Corporate plan customer with a custom domain for your account and feeds, then please know that this feature will be discontinued. You must use the new app URL for account and feed management. Your existing feeds on a custom domain will continue to work via redirection to the new feed URL (after migration).
If you use the Feedity browser bookmarklet, then please remove it and add the New Sloth browser bookmarklet.
Please know that payments will continue to appear for “FEEDITY” on your credit/debit card statement, until a later time when we inform you of a change.
Follow our new blog feed to receive our product news and updates. Periodic email newsletters are sent to all customers (unless unsubscribed).
Try out the the new features and improvements once you gain access to the new app!

As always, you can send us a message if you have any questions, concern or suggestions. We’ll really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.