Podcast Feeds and Broken Feed Notifications

We have released an update with two new features this month: Podcast Feeds and Broken Feed Notifications. We received several requests for these features from Feedity users, so enjoy our feature-rich service for data syndication and information/news delivery.

Podcast feeds are automatically created (like regular feeds) based on the source webpage content (i.e. if it contains direct hyperlinks to valid media files). This will make podcast publishing as easy as dropping your media files in a public folder, and Feedity will take care of the rest. Supported file formats include m4a, mp3, mov, mp4, m4v, and pdf. The podcast feeds with media enclosures comply with the Apple iTunes specification, but we do not include any iTunes specific RSS tags for now.

The Broken Feed Notifications feature will allow Feedity users to be instantly notified by email if any one of their RSS feeds stops picking up feed items from the source webpage. An early detection is critical for optimum delivery. It can assist users in correcting the issue sooner than later, by editing and refining the feed. This feature is available as a global setting on the ‘My Profile’ page for our Premium and Pro plan users.

If you find Feedity useful (for personal subscriptions, or your business applications), then please consider upgrading you account. Our service plans start as low as $3.25 per month, which is nearly about the price of a cup of coffee!

Cheers 🙂

Simple Feed Analytics with Charts

In a continuing effort to enhance the Feedity user experience, we have released a nifty analytics feature for our users. The analytics charts appear on the ‘My Feeds’ page to depict your feeds usage (quota balance) and highlight the most requested feeds for your account.


The analytics charts will appear for all Premium and Pro plan users who have created 5 or more feeds.

Under the hood, among other things we have fixed a few bugs and improved the performance of the Feedity parser. More analytics and other new features are in the works, so stay tuned guys!

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Website and RSS Optimization

Thanks to everyone who has been following us on Twitter, and those who have been providing us their valuable feedback.

As some of you may have noticed, we have updated the Feedity website a bit. These are small changes, but they are geared towards improving the overall usability of the application.

To start with we have a new navigation for easier access to the main functions. Under the hood, we have optimized all the media files (JavaScript, CSS, even images) so that the application loads faster and provide a more seamless experience to the end-users.

Another important change that we have made to the RSS feeds generator, is to improve the interoperability with the widest range of feed readers by implementing GUID and Atom-link as per W3C recommendations. This change will make your feeds more portable, self-contained, and easier to cache.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be making more of these granular optimizations to enhance the application in terms of performance and stability.

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Aggregate Multiple Feeds for RSS Stream

In the past 3 months, we have released a bunch of useful and exclusive features for Feedity users, like Editable Titles, Text Extraction, Widget, and Featured Feeds.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working ardently on a major new feature for Feedity, called RSS Streams.

Feedity allows anyone to extract relevant data and create RSS feeds from virtually any webpage. Now we have taken this approach to the next level, by introducing an in-built feature for creating aggregated streams (i.e. river of news) from multiple RSS feeds built with Feedity.

The RSS Stream feature basically allows the aggregation of multiple RSS feeds into a single date-sorted feed. This feature will have immense value for services and organizations who would like to gather news & information from various sources, and either display them in a centralized location, or perform futher analysis and processing on this news stream. RSS Streams will also provide much better performance for aggregated feed analysis and presentation.

This new feature is currently only available to our Pro plan users, who have a higher need for consolidated news & information.

Users can select/unselect RSS feeds for the Stream (and update the list by clicking the folder icon) from the ‘My Feeds’ page (see snapshot below). The feed URL to the RSS Stream can also be found on the ‘My Feeds’ page.

My Feeds page

My Feeds page - RSS Stream feature

The RSS Streams feature is currently bound by following restrictions (we may change most of them in the near future, and even offer this feature to all our users):

1. Only RSS feeds with valid published-date values (i.e. Date Refined in Feedity), can be added/removed to/from the RSS Stream through the Feedity website

2. Currently, only one RSS Stream can be created per account

3. Currently, an RSS Stream will only include upto 3 most recent items from each RSS feed

4. Currently, an RSS Stream will only include upto 20 RSS feeds

5. Currently, an RSS Stream will be updated only twice a day. However, individual RSS feeds will continue to run and update as per your service plan’s update frequency.

Drop us a message if you need help, or if want to share some feedback.

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Have a good one!

New Features: Editable Titles, and Text Extraction

On popular demand, we have introduced two new features for Feedity users, as part of our version 2.2 release:

Editable Feed Titles: Premium and Pro plan users can now edit and change the title of the RSS feed to be more descriptive. The feed title is set to the source webpage title by default, but now the feed title can be edited to further customize the RSS feed. To edit the feed title, just click on the displayed title on the Feed Builder page.

Abstract Text Extraction: Up until now, Feedity used to only fetch and extract the hyperlinks from a source webpage to build a custom RSS feed. With the new abstract text extraction feature, users (even free plan users) can extract non-hyperlinked textual data from source webpages. This feature can be utilized by specifying a start block and an end block from the HTML code of the source webpage, through the Advanced Refinement option on the Feed Builder page.

Thanks to all our users for their support! Drop us a message if you need help, or if want to share some feedback.

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Have a good one!

New Features: Widget, Featured Feeds, and more

We have introduced some cool new features for Feedity users!

Widget – We have been getting several requests from users for us to provide a simple way to publish and display RSS feeds on webpages and blogs. So we have launched a new widget tool, with which you can embed and display Feedity-generated RSS feeds on your website or blog.

The widget is quite customizable and completely safe to use. You can drive more traffic to your site by showcasing the news from your favorite source. Checkout the tools page for more details on the new widget.

Featured Feeds – Now you can discover some of the best RSS feeds built with Feedity! On our new Featured Feeds page, we will regularly post the most useful RSS feeds and mashups built with Feedity, from some really interesting websites on the Internet.

You can checkout the Featured Feeds page for more juice, or subscribe to the Meta RSS feed of these featured feeds to stay tuned. And if you know of a cool webpage that’s missing a (better) RSS feed, then drop us a message!

Soon, we’ll also be releasing a powerful API (short for Application Programming Interface) for Feedity. The API will let users and partners interact programmatically with Feedity. It will provide a simple and easy utility for creating custom RSS feeds on-the-fly. The API is currently in private beta stage. We will post more details about the API in the near future.

Besides the above features, we have also applied a number of bug fixes and tweaks, so that the Feedity application can offer a more reliable and robust service.

We request RSS enthusiasts and Feedity users (specially our Premium and Pro plan users), to subscribe to our blog feed for new announcements and other service updates!

Drop us a message if you need help, or if want to share some feedback, or even if you just want to say hi!

Feedity 2.0

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update, but that’s simply because we have been considering a solid rearchitecture initiative for Feedity. We have been working hard to improve the service quality and our data delivery platform, and very soon we’ll be launching a new and improved version of Feedity. We are happy to announce the upcoming launch of Feedity version 2.0. The release is scheduled for 6th May 2008.

Among other new features, the new version provides better feed management capabilities, and improved performance through internal modules like caching, load-balancing etc.

The new version, however, has an impact on current RSS feeds. The new version will generate shorter feed URL’s, different from the current feed URL’s. The new shorter URL’s can have an impact on your Feedity-generated feeds, because you will have to update your feed URL’s to the new URL’s. The old feed URL’s will continue to work for the next few weeks, but we highly recommend you to update your feeds as soon as possible.

To simplify the update process, please follow three easy steps below:

1. Once the new version of Feedity is launched, you’ll see a registration link on the website. Register for a new free account.

2. Once you are registered and logged-in, please recreate your existing feeds in your account. If you face any trouble recreating your old feeds, then email us the list of all the old feeds you have, along with your account email address and password, and we’ll recreate the feeds in your account on your behalf. Thereafter, you can change your account password for better security.

3. IMPORTANT: If you are a Premium or Pro plan subscriber, then email us your account email address (not the password), so that we can manually upgrade your new account, since you’ve already paid for it. You can check your current plan details in your account profile.

We hope that you enjoy using the new version of Feedity, and rest assured, we are here to assist you with your questions. Please review our new version, and don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the users who have contributed to our service through their feedback or donations.