Feed Deleted, Purged, or Disabled

Some of our users have reported that they received the following message in their feeds:

This RSS feed may have been deleted, purged, or disabled. Please visit Feedity.com to rebuild this feed, or to create more custom RSS feeds.

This message is relayed by our RSS generator when the requested feed is not found on our system. The most common reason for it is that the RSS feed was purged due to inactivity. All free feeds belonging to users without an account (free or paid) are automatically purged from our system after 30 days of inactivity.

However, upon further investigation we have found that for some users without an account, their active free feeds were also purged due to a glitch with our service. We have fixed this issue. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

It is highly recommended for all service users without an account to create a free account to start with, and create their feeds under their account. It only takes a few seconds, and creating a free account provides several benefits like: ability to save your feed for refining it later, getting more frequent feed updates, and building more feeds.

Get More With The Revamped Service Plans

As a segmentation exercise, we have revamped our service plans for a wider variety of options for our users. A complete comparison of the updated service plans can be reviewed on our website.

Here’s a brief summary of the changes:

  • The Premium plan has been renamed to Starter, and includes a basic set of features (same as before).
  • The Pro plan has been renamed to Business, and includes an advanced set of features (same as before).
  • A new Plus plan has been introduced to satisfy the mid-range requirements.
  • We have also been offering a high-demand custom solution (Corporate plan) for RSS publishing (and consumption) to a few organizations. This plan is also publicly available now. It includes managed isolated hosting, and provides better performance, stability, and scalability.
  • The Free plan remains as is.

The new service plans apply to all signups, upgrades, and renewals. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

We hope that the flexibility of our service plans would allow everyone to explore and gain from RSS publishing.

Podcast Feeds and Broken Feed Notifications

We have released an update with two new features this month: Podcast Feeds and Broken Feed Notifications. We received several requests for these features from Feedity users, so enjoy our feature-rich service for data syndication and information/news delivery.

Podcast feeds are automatically created (like regular feeds) based on the source webpage content (i.e. if it contains direct hyperlinks to valid media files). This will make podcast publishing as easy as dropping your media files in a public folder, and Feedity will take care of the rest. Supported file formats include m4a, mp3, mov, mp4, m4v, and pdf. The podcast feeds with media enclosures comply with the Apple iTunes specification, but we do not include any iTunes specific RSS tags for now.

The Broken Feed Notifications feature will allow Feedity users to be instantly notified by email if any one of their RSS feeds stops picking up feed items from the source webpage. An early detection is critical for optimum delivery. It can assist users in correcting the issue sooner than later, by editing and refining the feed. This feature is available as a global setting on the ‘My Profile’ page for our Premium and Pro plan users.

If you find Feedity useful (for personal subscriptions, or your business applications), then please consider upgrading you account. Our service plans start as low as $3.25 per month, which is nearly about the price of a cup of coffee!

Cheers 🙂

Simple Feed Analytics with Charts

In a continuing effort to enhance the Feedity user experience, we have released a nifty analytics feature for our users. The analytics charts appear on the ‘My Feeds’ page to depict your feeds usage (quota balance) and highlight the most requested feeds for your account.


The analytics charts will appear for all Premium and Pro plan users who have created 5 or more feeds.

Under the hood, among other things we have fixed a few bugs and improved the performance of the Feedity parser. More analytics and other new features are in the works, so stay tuned guys!

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Website and RSS Optimization

Thanks to everyone who has been following us on Twitter, and those who have been providing us their valuable feedback.

As some of you may have noticed, we have updated the Feedity website a bit. These are small changes, but they are geared towards improving the overall usability of the application.

To start with we have a new navigation for easier access to the main functions. Under the hood, we have optimized all the media files (JavaScript, CSS, even images) so that the application loads faster and provide a more seamless experience to the end-users.

Another important change that we have made to the RSS feeds generator, is to improve the interoperability with the widest range of feed readers by implementing GUID and Atom-link as per W3C recommendations. This change will make your feeds more portable, self-contained, and easier to cache.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be making more of these granular optimizations to enhance the application in terms of performance and stability.

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