Easier Date Extraction & Access Blocked Websites

Big improvements are coming soon as part of our revamp. Here are two enhancements available now:

Extract Dates More Easily

Our Visual Selector tool has been improved to allow extraction of dates, besides titles, summaries and images (within titles or summaries). Dates can be in relative form (e.g. 19 hours ago) or absolute form (e.g. 29th July 2015). Dates in various such formats are ‘automagically’ parsed and included in webpage feeds. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Access Blocked Websites

Some websites may block access to their webpages from scrapers, bots or other external services, due to which feeds can’t be created for such websites or existing feeds can suddenly stop working. Now, website blocks can be bypassed using our rotating proxy feature. With this feature, webpage requests are routed through a reliable yet random intermediary node, which helps provide extra anonymity. Rotating proxy feature is available in the Corporate plan and we’ll soon introduce it for Business plan customers too.

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