Secure Feeds for a Secure Web

Our website and all feeds originating from our gateway are now SSL encrypted and delivered over HTTPS. It will make client-server communication more secure, and also improve content reach with a higher placement now that Google considers HTTPS as a ranking signal.

All Corporate accounts (hosted separately) are now HTTPS as well, except for those that have the domain alias feature activated, making their feeds mask under their own domain or sub-domain name (e.g.

We realize that not all external systems and services are SSL compatible yet, and hence they can’t accept HTTPS feeds. Ironically, and disappointingly, Google FeedBurner is one such major service. So, for now we have enabled both HTTP and HTTPS (by default) for all feeds. You can choose which one to use depending on the consumer capability.

One Comment on “Secure Feeds for a Secure Web”

  1. julien51 says:

    Great move!

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