Feed the Spark

We’re delighted to announce that Feedity is now a member of the Microsoft BizSpark program, that provides technology, support, visibility, and community to promising startups and visionary entrepreneurs.

Feedity is a BizSpark Startup

It’s a step closer for us towards delivering a superior product, better service and enhanced value to our customers. It also aligns nicely with our 2013 roadmap for product development, service improvement and overall rejuvenation.

We are striving to make Feedity the best content aggregation SaaS solution for Media Monitoring and Market Intelligence. Stay tuned (via Twitter or RSS) for more exciting product announcements in the coming weeks & months.

2 Comments on “Feed the Spark”

  1. […] again, isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. They recently announced they have become a member of the Microsoft BizSpark program, but whether that will give me more of what I want or not I can’t […]

  2. Dex Banner says:

    You attract an audience and eventually a readership. We enjoy our visit and yours is certainly one of the most interesting websites on the internet!

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