FeedBurner Alternative and Uptime Report

MakeUseOf, a popular technology blog, recently reviewed Feedity as an alternative to Google’s FeedBurner service. FeedBurner has been stagnant for the past few years and it has received some criticism regarding durability.

Feedity can help you manage your RSS feeds better. While FeedBurner only allows management of existing feeds, Feedity allows users to create new feeds for virtually any webpage and manage it painlessly. Feedity provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to bloggers, podcasters, and other web-based content publishers. If you are looking for a simpler alternative that does the basic feed syndication and management things well, then Feedity is the best starting point.

Besides, we’ve maintained an uptime of 99.996% this quarter (Q2 2010) with only 3 minutes and 2 seconds of downtime in the past 3 months. This is great for our paying customers. If you find Feedity useful, then do consider upgrading. It’s hassle-free, inexpensive, and Feedity will offer immense value to you for Social Media Monitoring and feed publishing.

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