Extract Item Descriptions

Back in February 2009, we asked our users and blog readers what new features would they like to see in Feedity. The responses were insightful for us to evaluate the course of value addition for our service users.

The most requested feature was to ‘Extract Feed Item Description’ — the ability to extract description text for each of the news/data items on a webpage. We take pleasure in announcing that after a few weeks of private beta usage, we have released this new feature for our Plus, Business and Corporate plan users. This new feature will allow users to build custom RSS feeds with full summary (of up-to 500 characters for now).

This also makes Feedity the only service to offer a complete RSS feed structure in essence, including the item titles, hyperlinks, descriptions (summary) and publication dates.

Under the hood, we have also fixed a few bugs and improved the performance of the Feedity parser engine.

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You can also checkout a lot of cool and popular RSS feeds we have hand-picked in our Featured Feeds section.

One Comment on “Extract Item Descriptions”

  1. Thaddeus Ferber says:

    Great work! You note that the description field is “up-to 500 characters for now”. Are there plans to increase the character count? I’d need a good sized increase for it to work for my purposes. It would be great if you made it larger (especially for paying customers such as myself!)

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