Podcast Feeds and Broken Feed Notifications

We have released an update with two new features this month: Podcast Feeds and Broken Feed Notifications. We received several requests for these features from Feedity users, so enjoy our feature-rich service for data syndication and information/news delivery.

Podcast feeds are automatically created (like regular feeds) based on the source webpage content (i.e. if it contains direct hyperlinks to valid media files). This will make podcast publishing as easy as dropping your media files in a public folder, and Feedity will take care of the rest. Supported file formats include m4a, mp3, mov, mp4, m4v, and pdf. The podcast feeds with media enclosures comply with the Apple iTunes specification, but we do not include any iTunes specific RSS tags for now.

The Broken Feed Notifications feature will allow Feedity users to be instantly notified by email if any one of their RSS feeds stops picking up feed items from the source webpage. An early detection is critical for optimum delivery. It can assist users in correcting the issue sooner than later, by editing and refining the feed. This feature is available as a global setting on the ‘My Profile’ page for our Premium and Pro plan users.

If you find Feedity useful (for personal subscriptions, or your business applications), then please consider upgrading you account. Our service plans start as low as $3.25 per month, which is nearly about the price of a cup of coffee!

Cheers 🙂

2 Comments on “Podcast Feeds and Broken Feed Notifications”

  1. That Guy says:


    I currently use feed43.com and find them good, but would like a backup service (I have over 200 raw feeds create).

    Your pricing seems to swing from 39/yr to 369/yr without anything in between. I’d suggest 100- and 200-feed pro packages be included.

  2. Ash says:

    Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll surely consider an additional plan in between Premium and Pro. Meanwhile, if you would like to try out the Premium or Pro plan, then please drop us an email – http://feedity.com/contact.aspx

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