Feedity Labs, and a New Features Poll

In December last year, I wrote about our plans on launching a simplified social exchange for Feedity users to share ideas, concepts, and experiments with Feedity-generated RSS feeds, along with general feature requests. This month, I’m glad to announce the launch of Feedity Labs. Take a look, and share your ideas.

Planning ahead, we are also looking to hear from Feedity users about the new features we should be aiming at. Please take a few seconds to complete the poll (below), and tell us how you would like to see Feedity evolve.

Thanks, and please subscribe to our blog feed or follow us on Twitter for future announcements and other service updates.

You can also checkout a lot of cool and popular RSS feeds we have hand-picked in our Featured Feeds section.

2 Comments on “Feedity Labs, and a New Features Poll”

  1. smithmb says:

    Suggestion: Allow renaming of feeds. For example, I’ve got a feed named “Dark Reading | Security | Protect The Business – Enable Access External”. I’d like to make that “Dark Reading” or something similar. (Though, in fairness, I use Newsgator that does allow me to rename them in there.) Thanks.

  2. Ash says:


    Thanks for your comment.

    Feed title renaming is supported in Premium and Pro plans: http://feedity.com/plans.aspx

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