Aggregate Multiple Feeds for RSS Stream

In the past 3 months, we have released a bunch of useful and exclusive features for Feedity users, like Editable Titles, Text Extraction, Widget, and Featured Feeds.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working ardently on a major new feature for Feedity, called RSS Streams.

Feedity allows anyone to extract relevant data and create RSS feeds from virtually any webpage. Now we have taken this approach to the next level, by introducing an in-built feature for creating aggregated streams (i.e. river of news) from multiple RSS feeds built with Feedity.

The RSS Stream feature basically allows the aggregation of multiple RSS feeds into a single date-sorted feed. This feature will have immense value for services and organizations who would like to gather news & information from various sources, and either display them in a centralized location, or perform futher analysis and processing on this news stream. RSS Streams will also provide much better performance for aggregated feed analysis and presentation.

This new feature is currently only available to our Pro plan users, who have a higher need for consolidated news & information.

Users can select/unselect RSS feeds for the Stream (and update the list by clicking the folder icon) from the ‘My Feeds’ page (see snapshot below). The feed URL to the RSS Stream can also be found on the ‘My Feeds’ page.

My Feeds page

My Feeds page - RSS Stream feature

The RSS Streams feature is currently bound by following restrictions (we may change most of them in the near future, and even offer this feature to all our users):

1. Only RSS feeds with valid published-date values (i.e. Date Refined in Feedity), can be added/removed to/from the RSS Stream through the Feedity website

2. Currently, only one RSS Stream can be created per account

3. Currently, an RSS Stream will only include upto 3 most recent items from each RSS feed

4. Currently, an RSS Stream will only include upto 20 RSS feeds

5. Currently, an RSS Stream will be updated only twice a day. However, individual RSS feeds will continue to run and update as per your service plan’s update frequency.

Drop us a message if you need help, or if want to share some feedback.

We request RSS enthusiasts and Feedity users (specially our Premium and Pro plan users), to subscribe to our blog feed for new announcements and other service updates.

Have a good one!

2 Comments on “Aggregate Multiple Feeds for RSS Stream”

  1. Alex Newman says:

    I’ve just started using Feedity and I love it! Thanks for the great service it’s incredibly useful.

  2. There is a great need to combine feeds… beyond what is offered now. Feedity staff, notice that this is one of the most read pages on your blog!!!

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