New Features: Widget, Featured Feeds, and more

We have introduced some cool new features for Feedity users!

Widget – We have been getting several requests from users for us to provide a simple way to publish and display RSS feeds on webpages and blogs. So we have launched a new widget tool, with which you can embed and display Feedity-generated RSS feeds on your website or blog.

The widget is quite customizable and completely safe to use. You can drive more traffic to your site by showcasing the news from your favorite source. Checkout the tools page for more details on the new widget.

Featured Feeds – Now you can discover some of the best RSS feeds built with Feedity! On our new Featured Feeds page, we will regularly post the most useful RSS feeds and mashups built with Feedity, from some really interesting websites on the Internet.

You can checkout the Featured Feeds page for more juice, or subscribe to the Meta RSS feed of these featured feeds to stay tuned. And if you know of a cool webpage that’s missing a (better) RSS feed, then drop us a message!

Soon, we’ll also be releasing a powerful API (short for Application Programming Interface) for Feedity. The API will let users and partners interact programmatically with Feedity. It will provide a simple and easy utility for creating custom RSS feeds on-the-fly. The API is currently in private beta stage. We will post more details about the API in the near future.

Besides the above features, we have also applied a number of bug fixes and tweaks, so that the Feedity application can offer a more reliable and robust service.

We request RSS enthusiasts and Feedity users (specially our Premium and Pro plan users), to subscribe to our blog feed for new announcements and other service updates!

Drop us a message if you need help, or if want to share some feedback, or even if you just want to say hi!

One Comment on “New Features: Widget, Featured Feeds, and more”

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