Feedity and Comnicate partner to enhance Enterprise RSS

Forrester released a report on Enterprise RSS last year, which suggested:

Information workers today are drowning in content — email, newsletters, press releases, and spam — and the problem is getting worse. To deal with this tsunami, workers are turning to RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Although efficient for individual information workers, unmanaged, RSS can wreak havoc on enterprise IT. To prevent problems like bandwidth overload and security infractions, information and knowledge management professionals should implement enterprise RSS solutions. Enterprise RSS turbo-charges the benefits of unmanaged RSS adoption with internal content syndication, filtering, and collaboration. It also provides increased security and reduces IT requirements.

ComnicateComnicate, is one such company in the Enterprise RSS ecosystem, which offers a Unified Knowledge Management solution for enterprise users that securely blends external RSS feeds with internal information.

It is our pleasure to annouce that Feedity and Comnicate have entered in a technical and strategic partnership to enhance RSS solutions for the Enterprise. This alliance will help both companies in providing cutting-edge RSS solutions, specially with the flexible integration capabilities around custom RSS feeds from external sources.

Enterprises, in particular, can instantly start leveraging the benefits of our on-demand hosted services.

3 Comments on “Feedity and Comnicate partner to enhance Enterprise RSS”

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  3. IQ-Freak says:

    Great post!

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