Zeitgeist RSS

RSS has come a long way, from a simple news delivery channel in the consumer space to driving the backbone information delivery for enterprise and government platforms. However, a lot of Internet users still don’t know about RSS and its cool benefits.

In 2007, RSS was the 3rd most searched for “what is” term on Google. As Oprah might say, RSS (aka Feeds) allows you to get ‘Ready for Some Stories’!

RSS the Oprah way:

Instead of visiting all your favorite websites daily to read the news & information, with RSS you can easily let that news & information travel to you in one central place (like your email is ‘aggregated’ in your email client).

RSS in Plain English:

At Feedity, we deal with RSS everyday. That’s our business, and that’s our product too. We have seen the adoption of RSS grow fairly well in the past few months alone. The next time your friend or associate asks you about RSS, tell them how much you love your feeds!

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