Clustered Buzz for Feedity

Within the past 2 months, we have had three new commercial partners who are now using Feedity for their data integration processes. Modesty aside, I always feel that a good service becomes even better once its time-tested and is commercially viable for reinvestment in its technology infrastructure.

With Feedity doing good so far, me and my small team, will solidfy Feedity’s service architecture to make it even better, by migrating the Feedity core application to a clustered environment. A new clustered hosting platform will mainly handle service-level routing, load-balancing and resource allocation among the commercial-customers nodes and the public-access nodes. This will result in smoother service delivery and optimum performance. I’ll post an update on this in the coming days.

Here’s some new buzz on the blogosphere about Feedity (also see past testimonials):

Feeds from any Web – Network World, by Mark Gibbs

Incredibly clever and very effective. … This service is actually more complex “under the hood” than it might appear and should provide and excellent platform for many mashups.

Finally! RSS feeds for any website!, by Josh Fraser

Thankfully Feedity has come to my rescue.

Hassle Free RSS Generation @ AFeedIsBorn

And so far it seems to be a good tool for creating webfeeds – for any webpage.

Thanks to all the Feedity users and supporters!

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