Feedity featured on spigit as a top rated idea

Spigit is an exciting new online community for startups. Feedity is also featured on spigit as one of the selected 25 startups, and its good to see that it has climbed up in ranking as one of the top 5 ideas on spigit.

spigit is a virtual community where users review and rate featured startups/ideas. A startup has to progress through three stages: incubation, validation, and emergence, based on various milestones. The incubation stage is centered around creating enough buzz, the validation stage is where the experts and rankings play part, and finally the emergence stage is where the startup can go through an IPO in a virtual stock market simulation. Overall, the spigit system has been developed as a social networking service for startups and a virtual market game. The website is clean and utilizes Ajax for many features, giving it some smooth usability.

Good luck to the Spigit team!

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