Feedity to launch on spigit

spigit innovationFeedity has been selected as one of 25 featured startups with innovative ideas to participate in the public beta launch of spigit on July 18, 2007. spigit is a networking channel for innovative projects.

I recently received an email from Richard, who’s the director of marketing for spigit, inviting an application from Feedity for the spigit launch event. After some groundwork, we are all set for it now. By participating in this launch, Feedity will receive exposure to influential technologists, top-tier venture capital firms, a robust participant base, and individuals that can help further the idea.

With the spigit launch we hope to build a community around our idea behind Feedity (i.e. custom data syndication, dynamic feed generation, data mining) to advance it through the stages of the spigit’s simulation (a three-stage platform) – Incubation, Validation, Emergence. I haven’t yet seen or explored the spigit platform (the application login’s are being setup), but it seems like a mesh of social networking, multi-player online play, and business creation. Sounds quite interesting, and definitely worth exploring.

One Comment on “Feedity to launch on spigit”

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