Feedity 1.5.4 Update

Feedity has been updated to version 1.5.4. This version only includes some bug fixes. Most importantly Feedity now offers 3 service plans (Free, Premium, Pro) depending upon the target usage. The service plans have been mainly introduced for commercial use and other types of data integration.

Here’s what’s new on the blogosphere about Feedity (also see past testimonials):

Steve @ EndGame PR: Review of Online RSS Feed Generators

Best “Quick and Easy” Feed Generation Site: You can’t beat Feedity’s quick and easy RSS generation.

Read/WriteWeb: The Top 60 Web 2.0 Applications in Australia

Feedity stands at number 35! Here’s the complete list …


A very interesting new service.

After The Dot Net

About six weeks back I came across Feedity which is a web feed generator for sites that don’t have syndication available. It’s very simple, yet powerful and useful. And to boot, no registration is required which means this is definitely a no hassle solution. I’m sure there are a lot of other applications who do the same but I like Feedity because of its simple design and ease of use.

Alan Jones

I was reading read/writeweb’s list of Top 60 Australian web 2.0 apps … But in amongst all the likely contenders that I’m already familiar with was this one gem that I’d somehow never come across before – Feedity. Simplest way to describe it is “Yahoo! Pipes for dummies” – a clever way of scraping data off a web page and presenting it in RSS format.


I used feedity for my shopping site to convert html to xml/rss. Its an excellent tool.

Thanks to all the Feedity users and supporters! If you find Feedity useful then please consider donating an amount of your choice towards the maintenance and improvement of this free-for-life service.

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  1. […] Here’s some new buzz on the blogosphere about Feedity (also see past testimonials): […]

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