What people are saying about Feedity!

Feedity has been gaining stability over the past few months now (thanks to the RSS community for all the support), and while a much powerful version 2 is in works, the blogosphere is buzzing with some nice reviews and comments about Feedity. So here’s a few selected one’s …

Robin Good @ MasterNewMedia:

Simple, non-geek RSS generator to scrape static web pages with no feeds

Kyle Pott @ lifehack.org:

Most Web sites use RSS, but occasionally I find Web sites that don’t (for example: College Journal, IMDB). Feedity does all the work for you, all you need to do is enter the URL of your favorite RSS-less Web site and it will dynamically create an RSS feed for you.

On Wikipedia:

The usual way is that a RSS feed is made available by the same entity that created the content. Typically the feed comes from the same place as the website. However not all websites provide a feed. Sometimes third parties will read the website and create a feed for it. … Sometimes this is done by tools that are hand crafted for each particular website. There are also automatic tools such as Feedity

Pete Cashmore @ Mashable:

… some of the web-based apps may still be preferable if you only need this feature (viz RSS Feed from any Website) occasionally: Feedtier is now called Feedity, and it seemed to work great when I tested it today.

Emily Chang @ eHub

A simple yet powerful web feed generator for web pages without an existing syndication format like RSS or Atom.

Netzwelt News Germany

Unfortunately yet each web page does not offer RSS feeds. Feedity.com comes to remedy.

Eduardo Peirano

Very simple to use.

NEO Binaries

The subscriber does not need to have knowledge of regular expressions and also need not register to get his web feed.


I even got a few “oohs” as I showed how Feedity could scrape a page to generate a feed … I only learned about Feedity that morning, thanks to Roseline, who was collaborating with me on gathering information for the presentation, so I was as thrilled as everyone else.

Dave Riley @ Ratbag Radio Network

I have found a better and hopefully more stable; feed maker — Feedity – and will proceed to (re)create some useful feeds with that.

And also featured at: 42 cool Australian internet startups, Sito Service Italy, The Museum of Modern Betas, Genbeta and many more.

Thanks to all the bloggers for writing about Feedity! And a quick cheer for Miles Kehoe (New Idea Engineering) for his contribution. Thank you all!

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