Feedity 1.1 is live

In the past few months we’ve received great support and some wonderful feedback from Feedity users world-wide. We are glad to present our dear users with version 1.1. This update release has a number of bug fixes and some new features as well, besides some minor cosmetic tweaks. Here’s the change log for this release:

Updated: .NET Framework upgrade from 1.1 to 2.0
Updated: Preserving the original item order from the source webpage
Added: HTTP Compression (GZip and Deflate) for lighter data exchange
Added: UTF8 Charset Encoding for RSS feeds
Added: Conditional HTTP Get to reduce source page calls
Added: Bookmarklet support for instant access from any source webpage
Added: Ping-O-Matic support to broadcast updates for generated feeds
Fixed: Invalid refined feed generated due to broken HTTP-GET token
Fixed: Mishandled URL sanitization using RegEx

Help Needed: One aspect we need help from fellow techies is with multi-byte charset encoding support for generated RSS feeds. Although UTF8 is now supported by Feedity, but it doesn’t handle Asian languages too well. So if anyone has any ideas then please share your insight. (Fixed in v1.2)

We hope Feedity comes handy and useful to more & more users. Please leave your suggestions, questions or comments below.

If you find Feedity useful then please consider donating an amount of your choice towards the maintenance and improvement of this service.

Cheers 🙂

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