FeedTier v1 Beta 4

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on FeedTier. Beta 4 addresses a lot of pending issues. Due to the generic nature of the content analysis algorithm it may still not be perfect but its a significant improvement. It now also works with Google, eBay and Topix. We’ve also tested the feed format with FeedValidator for its validity, but if there are issues with any of the feed aggregators then please let me know. A manual scraping option for further fine-tuning the web feed results should be available soon too. The next beta update will also support podcast feeds. So do checkout the updated service, use it and spread the word.

Have a good weekend! Cheers 🙂

Update (24th Oct): Beta 4a addresses the truncated URL issue. Beta 5 (a major update) is due around the end of this month, so stay tuned!

5 Comments on “FeedTier v1 Beta 4”

  1. Rob Johnston says:

    When I used the following URL from Idealist, the preview results looked pretty good (a listing of job openings), but the links to the idealist.org pages all lacked the “g” in domain. All the links say idealist.or.


    I hope this is a fixable glitch. I’d like to use this nifty program.


  2. Ash says:

    Thanks for your feedback Rob. The issue with truncated URL suffix has been fixed now. Cheers 🙂

  3. You are featured on LISNEWS today – you will many new quality users.

    Did try it, was overall helpful, just posted your link on seoinc forum

    Can’t wait until the MANUAL option is released 🙂

  4. Nuno Sousa says:

    I tried to enter http://maddox.xmission.com but alas, the results are very very wrong 😦

  5. robin says:

    I echo the comments of Rob above.
    The truncated URL problem , sorry, stiils exists.
    In our case an e is missing from the endof our address http://www.altex.ee
    Hope you fix it soon.

    All looks very promising though 🙂

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