New Features: Widget, Featured Feeds, and more

We have introduced some cool new features for Feedity users!

Widget – We have been getting several requests from users for us to provide a simple way to publish and display RSS feeds on webpages and blogs. So we have launched a new widget tool, with which you can embed and display Feedity-generated RSS feeds on your website or blog.

The widget is quite customizable and completely safe to use. You can drive more traffic to your site by showcasing the news from your favorite source. Checkout the tools page for more details on the new widget.

Featured Feeds – Now you can discover some of the best RSS feeds built with Feedity! On our new Featured Feeds page, we will regularly post the most useful RSS feeds and mashups built with Feedity, from some really interesting websites on the Internet.

You can checkout the Featured Feeds page for more juice, or subscribe to the Meta RSS feed of these featured feeds to stay tuned. And if you know of a cool webpage that’s missing a (better) RSS feed, then drop us a message!

Soon, we’ll also be releasing a powerful API (short for Application Programming Interface) for Feedity. The API will let users and partners interact programmatically with Feedity. It will provide a simple and easy utility for creating custom RSS feeds on-the-fly. The API is currently in private beta stage. We will post more details about the API in the near future.

Besides the above features, we have also applied a number of bug fixes and tweaks, so that the Feedity application can offer a more reliable and robust service.

We request RSS enthusiasts and Feedity users (specially our Premium and Pro plan users), to subscribe to our blog feed for new announcements and other service updates!

Drop us a message if you need help, or if want to share some feedback, or even if you just want to say hi!

Feedity 2.0

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update, but that’s simply because we have been considering a solid rearchitecture initiative for Feedity. We have been working hard to improve the service quality and our data delivery platform, and very soon we’ll be launching a new and improved version of Feedity. We are happy to announce the upcoming launch of Feedity version 2.0. The release is scheduled for 6th May 2008.

Among other new features, the new version provides better feed management capabilities, and improved performance through internal modules like caching, load-balancing etc.

The new version, however, has an impact on current RSS feeds. The new version will generate shorter feed URL’s, different from the current feed URL’s. The new shorter URL’s can have an impact on your Feedity-generated feeds, because you will have to update your feed URL’s to the new URL’s. The old feed URL’s will continue to work for the next few weeks, but we highly recommend you to update your feeds as soon as possible.

To simplify the update process, please follow three easy steps below:

1. Once the new version of Feedity is launched, you’ll see a registration link on the website. Register for a new free account.

2. Once you are registered and logged-in, please recreate your existing feeds in your account. If you face any trouble recreating your old feeds, then email us the list of all the old feeds you have, along with your account email address and password, and we’ll recreate the feeds in your account on your behalf. Thereafter, you can change your account password for better security.

3. IMPORTANT: If you are a Premium or Pro plan subscriber, then email us your account email address (not the password), so that we can manually upgrade your new account, since you’ve already paid for it. You can check your current plan details in your account profile.

We hope that you enjoy using the new version of Feedity, and rest assured, we are here to assist you with your questions. Please review our new version, and don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the users who have contributed to our service through their feedback or donations.


Feedity 1.6 Update

I’ve been thinking of internationalization (i18n) and language encoding issues with Feedity for a while, but couldn’t spare enough time to fix it for good. Some Feedity users reported content encoding problems with the generated web feeds for non-English web pages.

Althought Feedity was designed to support some level of Unicode compliance, but still it was not vastly flexible. Finally, I’ve rewritten the Remote Content Handler module of Feedity with much better support for foreign languages. The tricky part was to detect the original character set of the remote webpage (i.e. feed source). I resolved it by first checking the HTTP Response Header “content-type”, and if its invalid or not found, then falling back to the HTML “content-type” meta-tag. That’s the broader resolution, but it can be easily programmed in any language. I’ve successfully implemented it in ASP.NET (C#) for Feedity, and in PHP5 for another project.

If anyone still faces a problem with content encoding of the generated feeds on Feedity, then please contact our dev team.

Feedity 1.5.4 Update

Feedity has been updated to version 1.5.4. This version only includes some bug fixes. Most importantly Feedity now offers 3 service plans (Free, Premium, Pro) depending upon the target usage. The service plans have been mainly introduced for commercial use and other types of data integration.

Here’s what’s new on the blogosphere about Feedity (also see past testimonials):

Steve @ EndGame PR: Review of Online RSS Feed Generators

Best “Quick and Easy” Feed Generation Site: You can’t beat Feedity’s quick and easy RSS generation.

Read/WriteWeb: The Top 60 Web 2.0 Applications in Australia

Feedity stands at number 35! Here’s the complete list …


A very interesting new service.

After The Dot Net

About six weeks back I came across Feedity which is a web feed generator for sites that don’t have syndication available. It’s very simple, yet powerful and useful. And to boot, no registration is required which means this is definitely a no hassle solution. I’m sure there are a lot of other applications who do the same but I like Feedity because of its simple design and ease of use.

Alan Jones

I was reading read/writeweb’s list of Top 60 Australian web 2.0 apps … But in amongst all the likely contenders that I’m already familiar with was this one gem that I’d somehow never come across before – Feedity. Simplest way to describe it is “Yahoo! Pipes for dummies” – a clever way of scraping data off a web page and presenting it in RSS format.


I used feedity for my shopping site to convert html to xml/rss. Its an excellent tool.

Thanks to all the Feedity users and supporters! If you find Feedity useful then please consider donating an amount of your choice towards the maintenance and improvement of this free-for-life service.

Feedity with Advanced Refinement

There was a minor update (v1.4.1) a couple of weeks back, but the current update (v1.5) includes a brand new feature called Advanced Refinement. Feedity already had a refinement feature which was useful for tweaking the feed output. The new feature extends on the refinement concept and provides the user a code-level scraping option. This was the most requested feature by Feedity users and it made sense to have it running. You can find a Advanced Refinement Help slideshow in the refinement options page on Feedity.

I’ve also updated the Feedity layout and interface in this release, and I hope it looks more streamlined and composed. As before, thanks to the wonderful users of Feedity who share their feedback and keep this service going. Here’s what’s new on the blogosphere about Feedity (also see past testimonials):


It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. … It’s very simple, yet powerful and useful. … Feedity is one of those things that you’ll want to stash away in your bookmarks, because eventually you’ll probably come across a site that doesn’t offer syndication.

Christopher Craft

This is a cool tool if I’ve ever seen one…

Binary Law UK

… a terrific widget …

Ashish Sinha @

The best part about this tool is it’s simple to use and if marketed well, can be used extensively by non-techie-small businesses around the globe.

One Tip A Day

Sounds like just what I need.

Nearly Legal UK

I can see all kinds of possibilities.

If you find Feedity useful then please consider donating an amount of your choice towards the maintenance and improvement of this free-for-life service.

Thanks to all! Cheers :)


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